Living It Out..Walking with Christ

                            What is this site about? 

I have learned that being a Christian can be a very difficult task and it is full of challenges and blessings!


What I do not want to do with this site:

  • Debate about my beliefs or God
  • Debate about political agendas
  • Pick on or tear down others for their beliefs


What I do want to do with this site:

  • Share my heart on marriage, leadership,life and more
  • Share things to help build you up, not tear you down
  • Show you (by blogging, etc) that being a Christian is more than just "being" its about making a choice everyday to follow Christ and walk with Him

Some of the "blogs" will be more like "sermons." These will be based on what God has given me to share with others - these are not copied from nor bought from any sermon writing websites....

So with all of this being said - please visit the blogs section of this website!